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With a global user base of 150 million people and growing, Snapchat has brands, moms, consumers and marketers taking note (Instagram is even taking code). While brands are rushing to the platform to snap away all day, if there are no followers to consume the content, the response rate will be hopes and dreams.

Without a discovery or searchable function within the platform to find new accounts to follow, snappers are left in the dark about who and what is out there. Snappin’ brands can turn to their existing platforms full of engaged and interested users to notify and convert fans into snap watchers.

Your Facebook page has been curating likes since 2009 and your Twitter account has been gaining followers since 2011; let’s start there.

Custom audience building blocks

Create a Facebook custom audience of users who have purchased a good or service in the last year then target them on the other mobile-ready social network, Instagram.

Capture Facebook users who have previously consumed video content and are more apt to be interested in your snap story.

Have an app? Collect frequent app engagers through Twitter and show them a preview of what they can expect from you on a different mobile app.

For some brands, making the move to Snapchat means stepping outside of their comfort zone, which might require them to look beyond their existing brand evangelists to find engaged users. The next few audiences highlight psychographic layers that brands can use to help capture the hearts and eyes of diehard snappers.

Snapchat feature pros

Target Facebook users who have a soft spot for each adorable animal emoji and can respond to any message with a perfectly crafted bitmoji.

Get in front of Twitter users who would walk around with the flower crown digitally placed on their head allllll day.

Layer the headphone junkies who are ready to digest any snap sound (even in public).

Still struggling with Snapchat Memories? Find users who have a degree in ‘Upload From Camera Roll.’

Snap pros recognize the puppy filter from miles away. Curate your saved snaps on Pinterest so users can whet their snap appetite before making the follow plunge.

Mobile-friendly follows

When promoting a Snapcode, ensuring users are in an optimal environment to screengrab and add will remove barriers for cross-channel conversion. Limit where promotions are shown on Twitter and Facebook to exclude desktop users who will have no use for a Snapcode.

Waiting for a snap to load is torturous; the anticipation of that 10 seconds of viewing pleasure is tough for users who have to zap precious data. Make sure any new users making the jump can instantly view that first snap by limiting targeting to devices connected to Wi-Fi.

With snappers locked and loaded for promotion, be mindful of campaign timing. Each snap has a lifespan of 24 hours, so make sure promotions are only running while the content is relevant and on platform.

And careful, the easiest way to unfollow a Snapchat account is while viewing a snap. Ensure each and every snap is meaningful and creative; snap a snoozefest and watch those perfectly curated followers say bai.

Happy snapping (err, targeting)!

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