Snapchat Goes 360 & Facebook Offers Ad Blocking | Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Snapchat rolls out 360 videos, Facebook offers ad blocking feature and Pinterest introduces frequency cap. Watch SMCF!

Snapchat hopes to make users’ heads spin with 360 degree video ads. The new feature is rolling out with an ad for Sony Pictures Entertainment film “Don’t Breathe”. The 360 degree experience is teased with a 10-second ad enticing viewers to enter the 360 degree experience where viewers have control over their perspective and can even experience the ad from multiple locations, all in 360 degrees.

And this week on Facebook’s Young Algorithm and the Restless. The newsfeed layout is changing… again. Now it will be more informative. Facebook says the change is based on a Feed Quality program survey. How do they know what you consider informative? Facebook judges informative content on whether it relates to your interests, creates engagement and touches on news relevant to a user’s area.

Users have been able to block ads on Facebook through third-parties for quite some time. Now, the platform is allowing users to block specific content that does not pertain to them. This is actually great news for marketers, as it limits ads from folks who really don’t give a rat’s ass. However, if you were already a solid psychographic social marketer, you wouldn’t be targeting those people anyway….

Pinterest is now offering a CPM (cost per million impressions) model to reach people more efficiently. With the impression based model, they will optimize how they deliver your ads to reach more people. You can also specify the max number of times someone sees your campaign. According to Marketing Land this will give you more impressions and more efficient rates and drive higher results.

Twitter is expanding user accessibility for its Moments feature. Initially, it was only open to a select few of Twitter’s publishing partners. Now, it was stretched its social arms a little more to bring in more influencers, publishers and brands… and in the future… the world. Keep a lookout in the coming months for this feature to hit a phone screen near you.

Monday, Twitter introduced promoted stickers. Now, brands can design four to eight stickers for anyone on Twitter to use and they act like a digital hashtag. Once a sticker is placed on an image, all images with that sticker are connected. To check out the exclusive Promoted Launch Stickers from Pepsi, Select a pic to tweet, click on the smiley to take a look.


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