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Snapchat has custom geofilters, Facebook announces Canvas and Instagram crushes Twitter’s Advertiser Count.


I’m Al LeBlanc from AIMCLEAR and this is Social Marketing Cluster Facts.

According to Twitter’s blog, starting March 3rd your timeline will sport a new look with larger photos, videos, GIFs, etc, and will offer “several new media types, including polls”. The old, “hide media” option will be thrown out and all media will be expanded by default to reduce the number of clicks users need to make. Oh the times how they are a changin’

Snapchat released two new lenses, one that you can use on your birthday and another that you can send to friends on their birthday. While the new features are fun, it’s likely this is a data grab so Snapchat can provide better targeting for advertisers.

In other Snapchat lens filter news, Snapchat is letting users design their own Geofilters! Geofilters are location based graphics that users can add to their snaps. Up until now there were two categories of Geofilters: community and marketing based filters. The new feature, which lets anyone pay to play, will allow you to build a filter and offer it in a location with a range of 5,000 to 5,000,000 million square feet. This will be big for small to medium size businesses and marketing firms as they can directly use Snapchat as a marketing channel.

A Wisconsin University condemns students’ Snapchat that appeared to be an offensive black-face, but back-pedaled when they found out the students were simply documenting their facial cleanse.

Facebook is rolling out Canvas to all marketers. Canvas is an immersive ad experience that allows advertisers to combine photo, text and video where users swipe and tilt their way through content. Among the early users of the new ad platform, Carnival Cruise reported analytics that show users spent an average of 135 to 174 seconds looking at ad content. That’s almost 3 minutes; longer than the run time of the ad itself.

By now you’ve probably liked this, or loved it. Facebook reactions have rolled out globally! Personally, I wow this but some people tend to angry or sad, to which I haha

Facebook is teaming up with several companies including Intel, Nokia, T-mobile and many more to work on the Telecom Infra Project. The goal of the project is for companies to come together and share resources to help build a better infrastructure to match our growing data usage. This could be the most important teaming of geeks since the Revenge of the Nerds.

Facebook is continuing to push better virtual reality technology and ways to connect using VR. The company has been working on more efficient ways to stream VR and 360 degree content. Beyond the technology itself, Facebook has a Social VR team that is dedicated to creating VR experiences that help people connect and share.

LinkedIn grapples for the spotlight with plans to air its first-ever TV commercial during the Oscars… IN SPACE. The commercial is social media marketing-ish on two fronts: The idea for the commercial was born from a Tweet the platform sent out in December: a plug for a job opening at NASA… paired with a space-floating astronaut. It was a hit. On the second front, this is the first time LinkedIn seems to be attempting to portray itself as “exciting,” “inspiring” and “hip.” Space is obviously cool, but questions remain as to whether a job advertisement for a NASA astronaut really represents the types of jobs typically found on LinkedIn.

Here’s something Pinteresting. AdWeek reported on a study by RivalFox that only 17% of the Fortune 500 are active on Pinterest accounts. “Active” is posting more than once every two months. Consider the following, the majority audience on Pinterest is 18-49-yr-old women and 34% of them make more than 75Gs! Should you get serious about Pinterest?

Last but not least, Instagram recently announced it has exceeded over 200,000 advertisers, by-passing (beep beep) Twitter’s 130,000. Get this, 75% of the registered advertisers are outside the US and 98 of the top 100 Facebook advertisers are also on Instagram!

And that does it for this episode of Social Marketing Cluster Facts. Like us, share us, comment below and check out our AIMCLEAR blog for more of what we do. I’m Al LeBlanc. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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