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Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Snapchat views reach 10 BILLION PER DAY, Pinterest strives to improve its digital marketing platform and YouTube is working on an online cable service. Watch SMCF! 

If you’re not believing the hype about Snapchat, now’s the time to change your mind. Snapchat has officially surpassed Twitter and Facebook in daily views… How many views does Snapchat get every day? 10 BILLION. That’s up from 8 billion daily views in February. Snapchat is officially a big deal.

Facebook paid a Finnish hacker 10 Grand after he exposed a loophole in Instagram’s coding that allowed him to delete comments made by any Instagram user. They’ve done this before… what’s the big deal… ? Oh, HE’S TEN. He’s ten everyone so feel stupid.

LinkedIn’s advertising is taking off! Premium display and banner ads aren’t doing so hot… but its sponsored posts? They’ve grown by nearly 80 percent over the past year. In fact, sponsored posts accounted for 56 percent of total ad revenue in Q1. Alright, LinkedIn… Movin’ on up!

YouTube is currently working on creating an online cable TV subscription service for 2017. The project name is titled, “Unplugged”, and the service would give subscribers access to shows and movies from cable networks such as NBC Universal, CBS, 21st Century Fox and more. However, no one has signed on yet. With the recent addition of YouTube Red, the word is still out on whether everyone’s favorite user-content submitted service can compete with household names like Netflix and Hulu.

In the same vein, Interpublic’s Magna Global is redirecting much of its TV advertising spending to digital. Marketing Dive reported that a deal was signed between Magna Global and YouTube for $250 million. This isn’t a new deal for either company, but that triple digit million dollar number is around four times more in digital ad budgets than previous years.

Pinterest is making big moves to improve its marketing platform. Pinterest nabbed retargeting and deep linking tech firm URX — yet only made the deal for the company’s tech talent. Pinterest is expected to use the new talent to bulk up its discovery and shoppable ads. On top of that, Pinterest is partnering with Millward Brown Digital to improve the level of data provided to marketers. The most exciting part: The upcoming data is said to showcase campaigns’ impact on brand perceptions and awareness after viewing promoted pins. Man, I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight!

Businesses!! You can now add a contact button to your Instagram page… so people can contact you. The added map feature also means they’ll be able to pinpoint your location… so they can find you.

Use Twitter on your phone? Of course you do. Now you can quickly discover friends, colleagues and other accounts that you didn’t know existed. Just beware… you might stumble on a family member’s account that you really didn’t want to know about.

One more Twitter tweak, now you can report multiple abusive tweets in a single report, making it easier for users and the Twitter safety team to handle the naughty accounts.

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