Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Facebook Gets Called A Liar & YouTube Supports Virtual Reality

On Friday, we dive into this week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week?

A lot.

Facebook gets publicly called out as a “liar” and “cheat,” the Russian government sticks it to social media and tech giants with a new (rather demanding) data law. Oh, and Pinterest takes it to a new level that’s making users yell, “Holy Crap!”

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A YouTube Video That Claims Facebook Is ‘Stealing Billions Of Views’ Is Going Viral, @larakiara, Business Insider

Twitter Plans To Turn Over Its Board, Add More Diversity, @KurtWagner8,

Russia Is Reportedly Going To Force Twitter To Store Russian Data Inside The Country, @robaeprice, Business Insider

Introducing Notify, A Notifications App From Facebook, Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Is Testing A Way To Search Your Camera Roll To Find Photos Of Your Friends, @karissabe, Mashable

LinkedIn Finally Gets A Material Design Makeover In Its 4.0 Update, @khouryrt, Android Police

Our Crazy-Fun New Visual Search Tool, Pinterest Blog

A New Profile To Help People Get To The Good Stuff, Pinterest Blog

Introducing The Instagram Partner Program, Instagram

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