Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Snapchat Narrows In On Facebook Video Views & Periscope Live Streams On Twitter

On Friday, we dive into the week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week?

Snapchat takes on Facebook for advertising revenue, Pinterest personalizes email and Twitter live streams Periscope on your timeline. Oh, and Twitter’s vice president of messaging products says you won’t need a phone number much longer… Wait, what?

Want more? Watch SMCF. Turn it on. Turn it up.

How Snapchat Plans to Compete With Facebook for Advertisers’ Dollars, @petersontee, AdvertisingAge

Snapchat’s Daily Mobile Video Views Said to Rival Facebook’s, @sarahfrier and @emilychangtv, Bloomberg Business

How Pinterest Plans to Personalize Every Email it Sends, @andrewjns, VentureBeat

LinkedIn Just Launched List of 25 Hottest Skills That Will Get You Hired in 2016 #FindAJob, @ImSaikatPyne, Business Insider

Periscope Now Drops Live Video Into Your Twitter Timeline, @pierce, WIRED

The New Normal: The New Normal: Twitter Stock Hits New Low Again and Again, @sfiegerman, Mashable

YouTube Exec Talks HDR and 360-Degree Video at CES, Dan Heilman, NewsFactor Network

Google+ 7.0.0 Update for Android Improves Viewing Experience, Search, DroidLife

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