Splendiforous SES Google Dance 2008 Party Pix

Those workaholics down at Google threw the Search Engine Strategies folks a PAR-TAY on Tuesday night, so I ran down to catch it! I’d been curious to see the GooglePlex, and it didn’t disappoint. While walking through the courtyard, I felt something following me…


The theme was “Glow in the Dark,” and this was the lighted bar where people could pick up lighted glasses, flowers, and Google Strobe Globes which would give you an aneurysm if you looked at them too long.

Lighted seats

Fluorescent lighted seats outside the dance floor.

Gummy Bear Bar

The Google Gummy Bear Bar (which I’m told is on-site for Google employees all the time!)

People playing Rock Band!

Stage where folks could play Rock Band! These folks were doing Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Caricature artist drawing an interesting face

This caricature artist was fantastic! She was drawing directly on the computer with a Wacom pen (I have one too!) and as you can see, she was doing an amazing job of capturing her subject. I wanted her to draw me but the line was crazy!

This was fun! You used a laser pen to “draw” on the building wall. It wasn’t precise though, so no matter what you drew or wrote it was scribbles.

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