StumbleUpon Flamer Moron of the Month


Micheal Gray (Graywolf) appropriately notes that it’s sometimes necessary to “burn down” domains to properly test the Google algorithm. Likewise, serious reputation managers know what it’s like to have trolls take a profile to the brink. One learns the ropes quickly.

In my case, trials and travails with StumbleTrolls in my personal StumbleUpon profile have been well documented. A couple of days ago I bookmarked a cute “Engrish” post on a friend of mines airport parking blog. One of the nastiest StumbleTrolls came out of his hole to attack (flame) my friend Char and accuse her of stealing photos.

Woops…Too bad for you silly StumbleTroll. The photos are from Char’s trip to Japan and publicly posted in her Flickerstream. Congratulations ThungurKnifur, that qualifies you as the StumbleUpon Flamer Moron of the Month.

I wrote SU reporting the TOS violation though the SU moderation crew is notoriously weak at actually enforcing the TOS, which limits offensive users ability to pollute SU. Since ThungurKnifur used both the”c-word” and “f-word” in his little public tantrum, I would hope the StumbleUpon mods will do their job.

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