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Well friends, it’s that time of year again. SMX Advanced is all set to take place in soggy lovely Seattle next week, June 7-8, and we’re just stoked. The beebow) and full write-ups right here in AIMCLEAR blog, and our own Marty Weintraub (@AIMCLEAR) will storm the stage at 10:30 am PST on Wednesday, June 8 to tag-team the Facebook Ads, Meet Search Ads panel.

SMX Advanced means two days jam-packed with top-shelf sessions, but even when the main event wraps up, we’ll rest easy knowing there’s still a ton of awesomesauce in store. AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop is back on the SMX landscape, and we’re looking forward to hosting marketers for a full day of soup to nuts training in all-things Facebook. From organic optimization hacks to paid Facebook advertising, and harnessing Facebook’s massive online community to achieve KPIs, it’s an all-you-can-eat brain chow buffet. Read on for a closer look at what we’ll be serving up…

With a pulsing user base 700 million strong, Facebook represents a seriously fertile playground for cutting-edge marketers ready to get in touch with their social sides. Unparalleled targeting capabilities and reasonably cheap CPCs fuse together, making this social network an exciting Wild West of marketing and branding opportunities. Our panel of accomplished international Facebook marketers are ready, willing and eager to share hot tips, tactics and best practices for superior Facebook Marketing.

Before we look at our schedule, let’s meet the cast of characters:

Now… onto the agenda.

Demographic Research & Guerrilla Targeting Tactics
Get waist-deep in Facebook’s Ad Tool and discover myriad persona segments for every marketing campaign under the sun. Marty will make sure attendees walk away from this module with a keener understanding of who they’re serving ads to, factoring in careful combinations of music preferences, favorite brands, political views, perversions, afflictions, professions, interests as well as other predictions and affinities. We’ve assembled a sweet pot of bite-sized segments to share while we explore social synonyms that open dozens of new targeting doors. Are you ready to step outside of your targeting comfort zone? Better be.

Establishing Facebook Marketing KPIs
Marketing 101: You can’t achieve goals unless you establish them. Marty will teach how to establish realistic Facebook KPIs (key performance indicators) that encompass external channels such as PR, YouTube, Twitter, search engines, blogs, and more.

“Buying Friends” and Organic FB Analytics
From Search Influence, Will Scott (@W2Scott) will share intensely awesome tactics to target customers and identify authority users, cull deep competitive intelligence on truly engaged friends and use all the info to your benefit. It’s time to learn how to capitalize on this insight for organic friending and aggressive Facebook Ad targeting.

End-to-End Facebook Ads
This is truly end-to-end… AIMCLEAR‘s Merry Morud (@MerryMorud) will soar through creating ad accounts, tips for compelling ad creative and images, setting budgets, and of course,  hardcore tactics for optimizing ads to help ensure prolonged success.

A Day in the Life of a Community Manager
This mammoth 6-part session will provide anyone in charge of community management with invaluable insight. In fact, this module  is so gigantic, it warrents a bulleted list.

  • AIMCLEAR‘s Lauren Litwinka (me…) will kick things off with content aggregation tools and tactics.
  • Marty will reappear to share some insanely effective holistic befriending tactics along with Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) of the Buyer Group.
  • Lisa will also detail a community manager’s typical work day, geo-targeting technology and Facebook Places, the PR side of Facebook pages, as well as branding with Facebook.
  • Lauren (… me again) will finish things up with a tour through holistic cross-promotion (integrating Twitter with Facebook), and managing social media crises.

Facebook SEO and Organic Visibility Hacks
Black-box by nature, it seems, Facebook’s ranking algorithm remains a hot topic for many. We’ve got secret-sauce tips for increasing organic visibility in FB search, and we’re ready to share. AIMCLEAR‘s Matt Peterson (@Matt_Peterson) will offer up a bevy of Fan and Interest Pages, Groups, Events and Apps and learn why they rank so well for topical keywords or… don’t.

Reputation Monitoring in Facebook
Matt will also deliver a crash course in the latest and greatest techniques and tools for keeping track of Facebook buzz, and keep your reputation intact.

Site Clinics
Three site clinics will be interspersed throughout the day for attendees interested in participating. It’ll be lightning round 6 minute sexy social audits for those brave enough to enter the gauntlet. Community Management, Paid Ads, and SEO and Organic Visibility are the options on the table -and we’re ready to dish up recommendations and general feedback.

Sound like your cuppa tea? There’s still room to join the fun!

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