Targeting Facebook Users By Mobile Devices Used

Facebook’s Broad Category targeting is serious- seriously cool! The things you can target (for example, expecting parents) are ridiculously deadeye. Broad category targeting is also seriously powerful (for example, folks who have children in certain age brackets). Now, unbeknownst to all, advertisers can even target users based on the type of mobile device they use to access Facebook…

We have information from very reliable sources that leads us to believe when selecting an option from the Mobile Broad Category in Facebook’s targeting grid, you are actually targeting users who access Facebook with that very mobile device (a good indication they own those devices, no?). This is a stark contrast to typical Facebook targeting, which of course is based on the fact that a user likes or associates with some targetable concept in their profiles, etc.

Oh, the possibilities! Have a gluten-free recipe finder iPad app to market? One simple Broad Category targeting click and you’ve identified the iPad enthusiasts. Take this one step further by targeting related gluten-free and celiac interests, et voila!

This is an awesome targeting rollout. But it begs the question: Why doesn’t the Facebook Ads Team release these cool features publicly and thoughtfully explain them to the community? Shouldn’t they be shouting these new cool features from the rooftop? Hmmm…

Post image photo credit: Henriksent

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