The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed

Deep online marketers are beautiful people. Especially when we don our community management hats. We’re graceful, witty, and resourceful. We’re likeable and calculating. We know that data-driven community management paves a smooth road for purposeful engagement, which in turn, makes us friends who matter– friends who turn into customers, maybe even brand evangelists, beacons of shiny happy awesomenss in our online community…

But above all, we know that community management ain’t all sunshine and pussy cats… that sometimes, the same community members we cultivate, care for, and connect with can turn against our brand… or each other…

So… there’s more to the CM ensemble than a mere hat. Helmet, knee pads, ninja stars, chainmail, spreadsheets, smartphones, wit, creativity, braincells– these are just some of the tools a deep community manager must interchangeably wield.

Why all the gear? Because we know things don’t always turn out as planned. An unassuming Facebook poll could erupt into mass-hysteria. A logo redesign could make die-hard fans yak, then blog mean-spirited rants. A promotional contest could leave sore losers prone to go ape sh*t. As community managers, we have to be prepared to deal with disarray and keep our cool.

Trust me. I’ve been there. On the battlefield of intra-community bloodshed. In the throws of hateful, irrational, nigh-libel comment threads that never seem to end. My the weaker CM’s solution might be to self-medicate with copious amounts of Cab Sauv. But you’re not weak. You’re wise. You’re professional. You sip booze in moderation.

So go ahead! Pour yourself an adult beverage (after all, it’s Friday… nearing happy hour!) and saddle up for a look at our upcoming series: The Community Manager’s Guide To Intra-Community Bloodshed.

This mini blog post series will dish up crowd-control tactics and tackle sticky situations every CM should be prepared for, including…

Sound like your particular cuppa tea glass of wine? Check back a the first of some fresh installments every Friday. We’ll dig deep into seriously non-sugar-coated scenarios of community backlash and share our two cents on how to cope– whether you’re lookin’ for tips to lower your blood pressure or signs it’s time to call the lawyer.

See you next Friday. Til then, stay sane 🙂

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