The LoMo Search Fulcrum: SMX Wrap Up

smxThe leaders in the local/mobile search industry gathered here in Denver to discuss state of the art, teach, share, and prognosticate.

Ironically, the most appropriate “takeaway” is that very little is static in this arena. The revolution is still in its infancy, however it is clear that a marketing explosion of nuclear magnitude is imminent.

There is SO much money on the table. There are SO many fragmented channels, many of which are critically important to understand and master. Will your marketing campaign be left in the dust as the world changes?

The Internet itself loomed in the early 90’s and we marketers were told by pundits and sages to adapt or die. Then along came PPC which turned out to be just as radically important. Down came the user-generated hammer which cranked out changes of biblical proportions. YOU are Time Magazine’s person of the year. Here comes the giant global mashup of handsets, carriers, platforms, and the Internet itself. Hang on and giddy up Batman!

Here’s What We Do Know.
According to ABI Research (April 2007) mobile search marketers will spend $3 Billion this year and $11.35 billion by 2011. Worldwide there will be 3.3 billion mobile phone users, whereas there were only 2 billion in 2005. Currently there are 2.8 billion mobile phone subscribers. In the United States, there were 233 million mobile users which is over 76% of the population. Meanwhile it is estimated that 8% of the top 1000 US Brands offer mobile site versions.

Farewell from SMX Local & Mobile Denver 2007. We’ll be back in the office tomorrow with lots of client work on our plate. We look forward to SMX Social Media NYC 2007 in a couple of weeks. Thanks to our readers and subscribers.

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