@TheEllenShow! 17 Incredibly Beautiful Ways Duluth, MN LOVES Ellen DeGeneres

In Pilates class last week, our accomplished instructor Karen shared that she had some SRSLY awesome photos and wanted to share them in social media. It seems that when Ellen DeGeneres announced her underwear photo contest, Karen was disappointed that women were not included.

Karen suggested to a few close friends that they should have their own Ellen underwear photo shoot to demonstrate that women everywhere should be proud of their bodies regardless of their age, shape or size.  Sixteen of her fabulous, fit friends were up for the challenge.  This amazing group of ladies range in age from 41-57.  Together they are proud to have 41 children and 7 grandchildren.  These gorgeous grownups workout together 2-3X a week, take fitness field trips and encourage each other to live happy, healthy lives.

On March 29, 2013 on a glorious 45 degree spring day, photographer Shirleen Hieb directed a photo shoot along the scenic shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN.  Everyone put on Ellen underwear beneath down jackets, stepped into winter boots and headed to “The beach”  The shores were snow packed and adorned by the beautiful blue lake as a backdrop.  After removing  jackets and dressed only in Ellen underwear, an exhilarating experience was had by all.  The photo shoot was a blast, an awesome experience shared by amazing women.


We hope you agree that this enchanting statement of beauty deserves attention. These women are terrific role models for all of us. We’re extremely proud to share this story with our community and have them as friends.


Hats off to the lovely ladies of Duluth for sharing their strength, beauty, heart and passion with us all! Rock on!

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