Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts: Hanapin’s Yearly Love Fest Grows Up


Ah, summer is in full force here in Duluth and THAT means just one thing: The annual PPC Hero Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts has been released.  Administered each year by Hanapin Marketing (PPC Hero’s parent company), this fourth installation is pleasing even in how winners were chosen.

The Hero Awards have matured nicely. In previous years, thought leaders surrounding PPC were considered and chosen because of industry respect. For instance, Danny Sullivan is a genius guy, but does not actually do PPC as part of his job. This year’s awards go to all hard-PPC-core players who walk the PPC walk and sling the PPC dollars.

Literally over the years when we’ve asked how new clients heard of AIMCLEAR, some referenced the PPC Hero awards.  Later in this blog post is an infographic retrospective who won in previous years (suitable for framing 🙂 ). Thanks very much to our friends in the community who voted and for PPC Hero for creating this delightful annual event.

AIMCLEAR congratulates Larry Kim, who IS actually the most influential person in PPC by nearly any algorithmic criteria anyone might bake. Dude works his butt off, blogs everywhere, is quick to give input to a friend and gives tirelessly to our community.  We also note that Brad Geddes, Matt Van Wagner, Mark Poirier, Greg Finn, Melissa Mackey and Frederick Vallaeys are AIMCLEAR‘s go-to PPC marksman.

We also wish to congratulate our own Manny Rivas who slotted for the second straight year.  Manny is employee #4 at AIMCLEAR and is a hell of a marketer. This is no glam contest. Manny’s worked on iconic brands and aggressive up and comers for years and is a huge part of what we’ve accomplished at AIMCLEAR.  Also, it should be said the neither Manny or I would be on this list if it were not for the talent, drive, intelligence and actions that our full staff takes.

The following graphic highlights this year’s top 3, then every individual who ever won the award.  Thanks to Hanapin for these annual awards.


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