Twitter Audience Insight to Delight: Psychographic Targeting Hot House

Paid social marketers looking to expand or reach new audiences can tap Twitter’s Audience Insights tool for native data insights based on previous in-channel Twitter performance. This week, AIMCLEAR‘s Targeting Hot House exposes the power of Twitter’s Audience Insights for social psychographic targeting.

Find Audience Insights
Depending on your version of Twitter, Audience Insights can be found in the Analytics dropdown menu, or (on newer versions) head to the Analytics page and select Followers in the top navigation.


These personas offer a quick and easy way to categorize audiences based on characteristics or attributes, such as: business decision makers, small businesses, and millennials, to name a few.


The audience insights tab, generally speaking, displays user interests, demographics, consumer behavior info and oh so much more. The data can be filtered by all Twitter users, page followers, organic users, or targeting segments that have been used in earlier promotions.

Analyze Current, Organic Followers
One powerful way to use Audience Insights is to identify who follows you already, and model or modify (tighten) current targeting to reflect your enthusiastic, organic audience.

For example, Twitter reveals that most of AIMCLEAR‘s organic followers have an income of at least $60,000. That means, for future targeting we can exclude any users who make less than $60K via Excluding Behaviors targeting.


Compare Audiences
Additionally, Twitter allows users to compare audience insights against multiple paid audiences at one time, paid audiences against all of Twitter, and paid audiences against followers.

Drill into the details that audience insights has to offer. Then, segment further within the “All Twitter user” view, where there is the option to “Add more filters,” such as SEO interests as shown below:


By adding audience group filters, users whose top interests include SEO are displayed. The downside is – just like interests and behavior targeting in the ads platform – advertisers can only filter by one segment at a time. Once insight data is filtered, click the “Create new campaign” button on the right hand corner of the page.


When the campaign objective is selected, advertisers are transported to the ad campaign creation tool with the selected targeting demographic already applied. #Boom.


Once inside the ad platform, it’s business as usual, add targeting such as: keyword, follower, behavior, location, interest targeting, etc; or focus targeting by excluding behaviors, and/or tailored audiences.

“Personas” are currently only available in the U.S., but Twitter is looking to roll them out to other countries in the future. To read more about Twitter audience insights or the newly released insight personas, head over here.

Good luck and happy psychographic targeting!

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