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Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Emoji-based targeting comes to Twitter, Facebook launches its creative hub and Pinterest ads manager gets a boost. Watch SMCF!


Making a video ad for your business can be difficult but you don’t have to do it alone. YouTube recently released a suite of 3 apps to help you dive lens first into video marketing. With these new tools you can create an ad straight from your phone from scratch, create an automated ad, or hire a professional to come to you. They got options, you got choices. Thanks YouTube.

Snapchat is starting an online tech magazine “Real Life”. The online publication will have complete editorial independent narratives about “how we live today and how our lives are mediated by devices.” The new venture will launch on June 27th.

Twitter Introduces Emoji-Based Targeting – It’s Exactly What You Think It Is! Dial in on users’ moods by using emoji targeting as a layer. This new feature is available through Twitter’s select Ads API partners and to all advertisers. Now if I tweet a picture of a cheeseburger, I could potentially get a BOGO burger coup’!

Twitter got a pony! A MAGIC one. Twitter beefed up their machine learning capabilities by acquiring Magic Pony Technology out of London. Twitter wants to and I quote, “be the best place to see what’s happening and why it matters, first.” and “Magic Pony’s technology – based on research by the team to create algorithms that can understand the features of imagery – will be used to enhance our strength in live and video and opens up a whole lot of exciting creative possibilities for Twitter.” and you can guess what that means… and if you do, please let us know because we have NO CLUE what the fact that means. CEO Jack Dorsey seems really excited about it though.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Facebook will be tracking you. But hey, it’s great news for advertisers. Now, restaurants and retail outlets can harness the power of GPS to determine if the folks who viewed their ad ended up making their way to the actual business location.

More news for businesses on Facebook: The platform is adding brand logos to all instant articles. The move comes just months after Facebook allowed verified pages to share branded content on the platform as instant articles. The only problem was that you couldn’t always tell what was branded content — and what wasn’t. And that’s kind of illegal.

This week Facebook is launching Creative Hub. Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer at Facebook’s Creative Shop, told Ad Age the platform is intended to allow creatives to build ads more easily and will focus heavily on mobile-first advertising. We’ll keep ya posted as we actually learn what this looks like.

If you use Pinterest Ads Manager, you’ll now be able to create and target in 3 new ways: 1) Visitor Retargeting – Reach people who have visited a specific website. 2) Customer List Targeting – Target existing customers using e-mail subscription and mobile ad IDs. 3) Look-a-like Targeting – Reach a larger group of people who have similar characteristics as your audience. These tactics are nothing new as FB, Google, and Twitter already offer these options. Pinterest is just now jumping on board.


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