Twitter Video Goes 140, Snapchat Snags Patents & We’ve Got Fresh Insight From VidCon | Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Emojis fall from the sky above our AIMCLEARians. Welcome to Twitter Video Goes 140, Snapchat Snags Patents & We've Got Fresh Insight From VidCon | Social Marketing Cluster Facts.

Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Snapchat has patents, Twitter vids are hitting 140 (seconds) and AIMCLEAR Account Manager Rachel Malone-Olson takes us to VidCon. Want more? Watch SMFC!



Former Google Fiber Exec, Kevin Lo, is joining Facebook!

Why does this matter for advertisers? Expanded reach.

The hire plays into Facebook’s mission to help bring internet to the developing world.

Microsoft confirmed in a Spanish text, that they’re working with Snapchat, to bring the popular app to Windows 10 mobile.

Which is exciting for all 10 people who use a Windows phone.

In more Snapchat news, a patent filed suggests the platform is working on ways to pay users for content.

The filings suggest that Snapchat could use text, stickers or mobile vision technology to identify content in users’ snaps and prompt the user with an option to share the snap on a sponsored channel.

Pay could kick back to users in the form of a flat fee, or a different deal based on views or sales based on views.

140 Characters and Now 140 seconds of video!

Twitter announced Tuesday the video legneth increase from 30 to 140 seconds.

Twitter and Vine will now have related videos suggested below the video you are currently watching and that video will use the full-screen.

The final announcement, the release of a new app Twitter Engage for the most popular video creators to receive real-time data and insights, as well as; quickly understand, engage, and grow audiences.

Finally, Twitter also added Stickers which are similar to Snapchat filters.

Brands and advertisers can’t create or buy custom stickers for now but that could happen and it could mean a lot of money for Twitter. In the meantime, You can take a photo, add a sticker and tweet.Click a stick on a pic and see more pics with the same stick.


Thanks, Lea. This year at VidCon it was all about Facebook Live, YouTube Live and virtual reality. From the expo halls to the industry track, everybody was talking about live.

You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Chewbacca mom. And you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a selfie stick at VidCon.

Live streaming is the best way to engage with your friends and to interact with the community in real time. Facebook released some new features: Masquerade interaction, live collaboration with friends and scheduling a live broadcast, giving your fans a sneak peak of what’s to come.

With a live YouTube demo during the YouTube keynote, we saw so many features coming out of that channel, our minds were blown the whole time. Now you can reply to comments that are featured on your video. You can also reply with GIFs and you can have a featured creator comment for you in response to one of your own videos.

SVOD was the buzzword of the entire week. Subscription video on demand is all the rage and with people launching new videos and platforms every day, we’re moving farther and farther away from traditional TV. From 2015 to 2016, users saw a 15 percent increase in people connecting their TVs to internet and streaming content. Chord cutters? They’e here to stay.

Awesome update. Thanks Rachel!
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