March Madness! Which NCAA Conference Has The Worst Underage Drinkers On Facebook?

Brose Baskets Jubel
With March Madness upon us, we decide to have a little fun and research which NCAA Division I basketball conferences sport the the highest percentage of underage students who are stupid enough to admit it on Facebook. Read on for the dirt!

Here’s how it works: We all know these days college kids share their drunken escapades on Facebook. Advertisers can easily target these, “Interests” via the Facebook Ads Platform. We tested every Division I basketball school to see what percentage of underage students are picked up by Facebook’s social graph for the following drunken interests: (The screen capture below does not show all the “Interests” we tested, rather a portion of them).

And the winner is….!

Metro Atlantic isn’t looking good, with 13.16% of its underage FB population, “Interested” in being too drunk to care! Northeast comes in at a dubious #2 at 12.88%. These percentages are taken from number of drinkers divided by number of students connected with their school on Facebook.

There you have it, the drunkest Division One basketball conferences in America according to Facebook.  Our condolences to the winners!

photo credit: andygee1

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