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binoclulars[Skip immediately to dailyCrawl] You can’t participate in a community without understanding it’s members. 1,360 personal Sphinns only begins to qualify someone to understand bloggers, their ways, and search marketing publications. As another small part of the SEM anthropology safari-quest, AIMCLEAR morning meetings regularly include a slide show crawl of well regarded search marketing blogs in the background on the conference room projector. We feel this practice keeps us a little more in touch with the identity of blog authors and what’s important to them, rather than stories skimmed from RSS headlines.

The dailyCrawl is not meant to be a big hairy-serious SEM invention, rather a simple background method for keeping our staff apprised as to the graphic and “feel” evolution of the SEM blogosphere. It makes a difference to us. The show always starts at a different blog so, by week’s end, we’ve seen them all with only a few minute’s investment each day.

Lost in the RSS Translation
RSS has revolutionized many of our lives with at-a-glance snapshots of minute to minute blog activity and it’s one primary method for seeking content. Most popular feed readers even allow for expanding headlines to read stories inline. However, like the long-vanished 33 RPM LP album (anyone remember those) 🙂 the “big” visual experienced has been lost in favor of technology. We’re sharing this little tool with the SEM community just for fun. Please don’t hesitate to recommend blogs for inclusion. Here’s the link for our dailyCrawl tool. (Tip: Log out of myBlogLog if you don’t want your badge to be left behind on blogs visited).

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