#WTF? Facebook Strips Ability To Target Users Interested In “Facebook Ads”

Imagine our surprise! Whereas last week Facebook Ads marketers were able to target over 30,000 users in the United States “Precisely Interested” in Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing, TODAY that targeting has been gutted and hauled away. BUMMER…


Obviously, there are a ton of FB users interested in FB marketing.  Check out the Facebook Marketing Solutions page, which sports a whopping 932,108 likes.

Sadly, here’s how many of them we can now target by precise interest. #WTF!


Anyway, for the moment we’ll still be able get at much of the same audience by targeting the 100,920 people who like allfacebook.com and other persona modeling. We can still aim FB ads at users who like specific thought leaders, books, publications, conferences, etc… However, the intense (delightful) specificity has been lost. Toolmakers like Acquisio, Marin, Kenshoo, and others now have a little harder roe to hoe when it comes to targeting FB Ads power users, using FB ads. How ironic is that?

PS. Don’t bother looking. There’s nothing in Broad Targeting to replace this loss.


Image: © Eric Simard – Fotolia

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