Zenith Conference, Duluth, 2022- We’re Baaaaaack!

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Whew, 2020 and 2021 were SO intense. We’ve all been through a lot together over the last 2 years and now it’s time to gather once again on Superior St., learn, celebrate, and take in some serious marketing updates. Yes, Zenith (the conference) is back. This legendary event immerses digital marketing pros with luminary speakers from around the world and will take place April 26, 2022. Visit the official Zenith website and when ready register here.

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Zenith Conference is a true civic partnership between private businesses, marketing agencies, the Duluth, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and AIMCLEAR.

Gross proceeds are donated to FUSE, the Chamber’s organization devoted to keeping college grads in our fantastical city.  Duluth has and continues to produce famous marketers and agencies. Zenith is our baby, a truly international-level conference held locally, similar in size to much larger cities.

AIMCLEAR creates the agenda, invites speakers in partnership with the Chamber, and sequences the conference. In 2019, the last year Zenith was held pre-pandemic, about 300 people attended. This year we expect a substantial percentage to return. Some of the biggest names in marketing have spoken at Zenith, year after year, true thought leaders who bring their wares to our gorgeous city. 2022 continues that braintrust.

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This year’s session agenda includes crucial updates for marketers currently or inclined to take on SEO, social media, accessibility optimization, paid media (mainstream and alternative), content, local, PR, non-profit, small business, branding, creative, future thinking, data and attribution.

The 2022 speaker roster is inspiring, an all-global cast of clinicians which include Cari Twitchell, Chief Word Nerd & Owner, Custom Content Solutions LLC, Molly Solberg, President, MAS Marketing, Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor (and best-selling author), Product-Led SEO, Tim Halloran, Key Account Lead, AIMCLEAR, Lea Scudamore, SEO Analyst, AIMCLEAR, Will Scott, CEO & Co-Founder, Search Influence. Yep, that’s a badaass list.

Brett Tabke, Founder & CEO of Pubcon and storied entrepreneur will tender the morning Zenith Conference Keynote, “New Search Engines on The Horizon.” The world of digital over the last 12-24 months have finally seen more viable search engines launched than in the last 20 years. It’s about time. This session will look at the influx of new search engines, which ones attendees need pay attention to, and understanding emergent search engine tech which may contribute to marketing outcomes.

Afternoon keynote will be presented by Christi Olson, Global Search Team Lead, Microsoft. The last two years have taught marketers resilience, how to adapt, strategies based on an ever-changing world due to COVID, shifts in the realm of privacy, and platform updates to both paid and organic search. Join industry celebrity Christi Olson to cover lessons we can all learn from the past that  can help us adapt and “future proof” tomorrow. Attendees will gain insights direct from Microsoft’s Global Search team and key lessons that may help you prepare to connect the dots today for the strategy which will drive growth tomorrow.

OMG, the last couple of years were so extreme and we’ve missed Zenith. Well, we’re back in force, safe and sound. Let’s assemble again, study, party (safely), and gather informative marketing strategy, tactics, and data. Duluth’s legendary conference exposes digital marketing pros and students to great speakers and will take place April 26, 2022. Visit the official Zenith website and when ready register here.


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