College Students! Amazing Networking Opportunities Available At Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference


For those who are nearing graduation, the daunting pressure of finding a job is likely settling somewhere into the pit of your stomach.  Whether you’re a junior or senior, this pressure can be massively overwhelming, escalating to an impending sense of doom.  But fear not!  AIMCLEAR has your back with a special networking event at Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference.

The classic business mantra: Network, network, NETWORK!  As a marketing major you’ve probably heard this one before.  Everyone says networking is necessary, and really, it is.  But we all know how stuffy and awkward some networking affairs can be, especially those on-campus events with professionals from a multitude of industries irrelevant to your particular interests.

Well, my friend, those days are over because we’ve got just what you want: a fresh, focused, cutting-edge experience that allows you to network in a lively, dynamic setting with marketing geniuses and real game changers.  The Zenith Conference, held annually in Duluth, is one of the premier national conferences for online marketing and social media, and the only offering dedicated student-networking opportunities. Learn strategies from the best of the best and talk tactics with the pros.  (See the line-up of Zenith speakers here.)  Better yet, you get one-on-one attention from these leaders and trendsetters through the private student-networking event being held during lunch at the Moorish Room at the Greysolon Plaza.

ALERT: The first 50 students who register get exclusive access to this amazing opportunity!

This networking occasion provides an opportunity to get personalized, one-on-one feedback from the national panelists, agency leaders, and VPs from across the country.  This is your chance to seek résumé advice, ask questions, make lasting connections, and talk about the future with social media gurus, all while hanging out at AIMCLEAR!  Each year priceless relationships are fostered.  Zenith is proud to be the only major conference of this type that provides a dedicated student-networking event, so take advantage of it while spots are still open!

At Zenith Social Media Conference and the student-networking event, you will meet the masterminds whose ideas are molding the ever-changing realm of online marketing.  You will have the chance to gain insights about the inner workings of this fast-paced industry and where you might fit into it.  You will meet the AIMCLEAR team and finally, you will have an unparalleled experience that includes enriched learning, networking, so much fun, and plenty more!

Here’s why you actually can’t afford to miss this $99 event.  Not only is a conference of this caliber typically priced at a rate that would “break the bank,” but it also is happening right in your city!  No travel expense required – the experts are coming to YOU!   Plus, who would pass up the chance to meet a future employer and land a dream job?!  Hit the ground running and calm those post-graduation, job-hunting anxieties that you’ve been battling for the past few months.

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