20 Bomb-Ass Reasons @GaryVee Was An #Inc5000 Byte On A Stick

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Greetings again from the Inc. 500/5000 conference at the lovely Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor, Fort Washington, MD. It’s been raining big wet cats and dogs outside but we’ve been on fire inside here for days!

As AIMCLEAR travels around the world speaking at conferences we encounter plenty of stimulating tweet streams about marketers. Yesterday the twitteraction to Gary Vaynerchuk was crazy pants fun, as he shared with the super-intimate Dell Lunch and large plenary session.  Gary dished chewy nuggets and all-to-true social media gut-bombs to deer-in-headlights businesspeople, along with healthy doses of snarkish curses and well-packaged snipes.  The conference audiences reacted with zestful glee.

We’ve selected 20 of our favorite tweeted tidbits from throughout the 90 minute timeframe.  What’s interesting to note is that Gary spoke of merging classic content values via skillful social media wall packaging as where the rubber meets the road. We also discussed the newest FB partner data,  multichannel psychographics and paid-organic social content distribution.  Make no mistakes: Gary’s about driving prodigal traffic and cashing in-after approaching channels magnanimously.  Boom! This is the stuff of marketing madmen, in a good way, and Gary’s figured out how to be a Pied Piper. We hope you enjoy these delicious bytes and THANKS to those whose tweets made our day.


gary-vaynerchuk at INC


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