25 Classic Query Intent Posts From The Vault

A beautiful library of books greets readers of the blog, 25 Classic Query Intent Posts From The Vault.

Deeply rooted in the same keyword research that advises SEM, nestles the discussion of classic query types and user intent. This conversation has bubbled under the online marketing industry for nearly a decade,  continuously evolving in both sophistication and scope.  The reason is obvious. Leveraging search terms common to consumers is only half the battle-  now more than ever it is crucial to understand nodes of user intent before you shove transactional content at merely walk-by traffic.

While this fascinating conversation can be traced back nearly a decade, the concept really gained traction in 2006 with the boom of social media and a new emphasis on the human behind the keywords. Now we’re talking about ascribing intent to “social segments.” This dialog has proven so important to our daily demographic research that we think revisiting the history of thought-leadership on-topic is in order. Each post below is a worthy read that helps lay groundwork to this fascinating aspect of our semantic craft. We hope you enjoy this walking tour.

25 Classic Query Intent Posts From The Vault
December 18 2006
Why Do People Google Google? Understanding User Data to Measure Searcher Intent
Search Engine Land | Bill Slawski

May 28, 2007
User Intent and Characteristics of Search Queries
SEO by the Sea | Bill Slawski

October 30, 2007
Search Engines and User Query Intent
Search Engine Watch | Eric Enge

February 1, 2008
Two Approaches To Determining Intent: The Wisdom Of Crowds And Personal Values
Search Engine Land | Gord Hotchkiss

February 27, 2008
Create Landing Pages Based on Keyword Intent
CDF Networks | Chad Frederiksen

March 10, 2008
Keyword Intent: Tidy Campaigns Avoid the ‘Dump and Chase’
Search Engine Land | Andrew Goodman

July 17, 2008
Google On User Intent in Search Queries
Search Engine Watch | Nathania Johnson

May 4, 2009
PPC-Man Drowning… Too… Many… Keywords…
Search Engine Land | Andrew Goodman

March 23, 2009
Understanding Your Customers’ Language
Clickz | Mike Grehan

May 27, 2009
The Search Taxonomy: Getting Inside the Mind of the Searcher
SEO Book | Peter Da Vanzo

June 17, 2009
PPC Segmentation: 4 Tips To Better Target Customers
Search Engine Land | Michelle Stern

August 31, 2009
New Research On AdWords Broad-Session-Based Match Type Results
Search Engine Journal | Brian Carter

September 29, 2009
Keyword Commercial Intent – Choosing Keywords That Convert
SEO Wizz | Tim Grice

September 30, 2009
Where to Kickoff Your Keyword Research
Outspoken Media | Rhea Drysdale

October 5, 2009
Live: SMX Boot Camp: Keyword Research Tools & Techniques
Search Engine Watch | Avi Wilensky

November 16, 2009
Leverage AdWords Impression Share Data to Improve Your PPC Performance
Clix Marketing | David Szetela

November 24, 2009
SES Berlin: Google and Microsoft looking for user intent
SearchCowboys | Bas van den Beld

December 7, 2009
Customer Insights via Search Engine Tools from SES Chicago ’09
Search Engine Roundtable | Chris Boggs & Marty Weintraub

December 14, 2009
How Search Engines might Divine the Intent behind Regional Queries vs. Global Queries
SEO by the Sea |Bill Slawski

March 2, 2010
Mining Subtle Query Intent for PPC Conversion
AIMCLEAR | Lauren Litwinka

March 3, 2010
Trends, Zombiebait & Sideways Keyword Research
AIMCLEAR | Matt Peterson

March 9, 2010
Targeting Multiple Keywords vs. Singular Keyword Focus
SEOmoz | Rand Fishkin

February 12, 2010
Understanding Content Relevance in Relation to Keyword Intent

And last but not least…

March 25, 2010 (upcoming)
The Evolution of Search: End Users Signal the Way
SES NY Keynote | Yusuf Mehdi

Though this little gem hasn’t taken place yet, we look forward to learning more about Bing’s take on query types and user intent when AIMCLEAR attends Search Engine Strategies in New York City a week from today. You might say we’re a little excited for the trip. You might say that.

photo credit: huangjiahui

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