Grant DouglasGrant Douglas thrives at the intersection of marketing data and human action. As an Integrated Ad Operations Associate for AIMCLEAR, Grant works closely with marketing teams to build and manage campaigns from concept to implementation and optimization to reporting results for clients. 

Grant immerses in data and looks beyond the numbers to also see the human or psychological factors that lead to their buying decisions. He deploys a data-driven mindset, combined with innate creativity, to unearth niche areas or concepts to expand the value of marketing initiatives in digital channels. 

With a background that also extends to user experience, design, and analytics, Grant provides exceptional value to clients because he is motivated throughout the marketing process. The linkages between campaign development, client acquisition, and reporting are fundamental as he focuses on the lifetime value of delivering repeatable, measurable results.

Data, blended with human curiosity and creativity, fuels Grant’s ability to find the story behind the data. His insights unearth intangibles and missed opportunities. His client credits include Carewell, Crelate, Circle IT, Lex Markets, Filecoin, and Hardlink, to name a few.

Outside of his work for AIMCLEAR and its clients, Grant is a quintessential Midwesterner – an avid sports enthusiast, golfer, and outdoor adventurer.