zac good

Zac Good

Zac Good is Senior Art Director at AIMCLEAR.

He provides a full range of creative solutions to clients, helping them communicate consumer value and brand essence to achieve business outcomes.

Zac works across the range of media but focuses on website design that enhances and simplifies the user interface and experience.

“I try to approach all my designs through the lens of the user,” Zac says. “I have this empathy for the people who are experiencing what we’re creating for them.”

He adds, “Far too often, it’s easy just to focus on what we want or need to get done. I talk through all of those elements. But then I make sure we package the final product in a way that the end user can relate to. Often, it comes down to crafting a narrative around the data or simplifying. Sometimes it’s just asking, ‘What do we need to do to give people better choices, clearer choices?’”

Zac graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. While there, he worked in the college’s DesignWorks in-house agency and studio.

He later served as designer, art director, then creative director at Brave New Media, a creative and marketing agency based in the Twin Cities.

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