Brittney Dubina

For Brittney Dubina, design melds art with meaning.

“I’ve always loved being creative,” says Dubina, an AIMCLEAR graphic designer. “When I got into design, I loved it because it’s functional and puts meaning behind art. Art, in itself, is feeling-based. But design is reasoning. That makes it more beautiful and gives it punch.”

Dubina works across platforms and media to communicate visual identity and messaging for clients. She designs websites, advertising and marketing pieces, all forms of printed materials, logos and color schemes.

“I  conceptualize and create visual pieces to promote our clients or help them communicate,” she says. “It’s different every day. I get a lot of variety in projects and tasks. It keeps the job interesting, exciting and challenging.”

A good day for Dubina?

“It’s always a win when your vision aligns with your client’s vision,” she says. “What I enjoy most when I work with clients is their energy level. My job is to convey their energy and build on their excitement.”

With the world of design and communication ever-changing, Dubina gets excited about that, too.

“Always be curious,” she says. “Always explore. Don’t be afraid to try that new program or technique. Try a new process. You always learn something.”

Dubina graduated in 2014 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in design and a minor in fine arts from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She is a member of the American Institute for Graphic Art, the nationwide organization for design professionals. Contact her at

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