Timothy Eastvold - Web DeveloperTim Eastvold is a Web Developer at AIMCLEAR, where he builds, enhances and optimizes websites and web applications to help clients achieve goals.

Tim holds undergraduate degrees in Computer and Web Programming and Liberal Arts from Lake Superior College in Duluth. He started as an intern at AIMCLEAR and was hired full-time shortly afterward. He now serves on the core team leading web development for clients across industries, with widely varied business approaches and needs.

Tim describes himself as a problem-solver—a skill he brings to his development work. He translates client needs into technological applications, leading to client solutions.

“I’m always looking to challenge myself and advance my knowledge and skill set,” Tim says. “The world of web development is always changing, by definition. That presents opportunities for us to bring fresh approaches and solutions to our clients. And that’s what makes a good day for me.”

Outside of work, Tim brings his passion for problem-solving to work with small electronics. He also enjoys hiking, canoeing and camping.