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Tim Halloran

Director of Integrated Ad Operations

Tim HalloranTim’s decade of experience in digital marketing makes him well-equipped to lead his clients in reaching their goals. He’s worked with the best PPC influencers in the industry and has been mentored by the top digital & traditional marketing minds of the 21st century.

In 2012, when Facebook Ads was in its infancy, Tim spearheaded the leadership of his agency’s paid social department, producing successful & measurable B2B campaigns – at a time when most companies had yet to consider paid social a viable medium.

He’s successfully managed accounts across multiple industries including finance, manufacturing, technology, transport, health (B2B & B2C), retail, education, SaaS, and more.

He’s written and spoken on:

  • Facebook Advertising Best Practices for Agencies
  • The Future of Social in 2020 & Beyond
  • Creative & Ad Design Best Practices in Social Media
  • Guide to Setting Up Social Departments For In-House Marketing Teams
  • Reviews on New Ad Platforms like Quora, Snapchat, & Instagram Stories
  • & More…

He’s had the privilege of interviewing executives at Pepsi, Dell, HP, Ford & others for an IT Leadership series he directed in India, and has moderated and spoken at ad conferences and on podcasts worldwide, including:

  • Zenith, Duluth MN
  • Digital Summit  (multiple)
  • Internet Summit
  • Hero Conf, London
  • AdStage’s PPC Podcast
  • Microsoft’s AI & Creativity Web Series

Away from the office, you’ll find him performing on improv comedy stages (and living rooms) across the Twin Cities, participating in Toastmasters as the PR Director for his local chapter, traveling the globe looking for the perfect cup of coffee, writing a historical biography with his 3rd generation Irish grandma, or possibly bingeing the next big Netflix Series.

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