AIMCLEAR Unleashes Rockin’ New Employees into Online Marketing Realm

Duluth office


The new year is well under way, and we’re excited to announce that AIMCLEAR is continuing to grow! New team members have joined the ranks of our online marketing agency: Mike Marshall, Ryan McGrath, and Quentin Oliver. Expanding in both Duluth and St. Paul, Ryan McGrath now calls AIMCLEAR‘s Historic Lowertown St. Paul office home while Mike Marshall and Quentin Oliver have made themselves comfortable in our Duluth office.

Who are these exciting new team members, you ask? Read on to find out.

St. Paul office

Mike Marshall moved all the way to Duluth from way-warmer-than-here Houston, Texas. Mike brings 10 years of account management prowess and technical know-how to the table as an Account Manager at AIMCLEAR, with a strong online marketing background and a degree in economics from Texas A&M University. Specializing in Google AdWords optimization, website conversion tracking and social media marketing, Mike is quite the strategic thinker. Formerly of ClickPath, an online-to-offline ad-tracking company based in Houston, we are proud to call Mike one of our own.

Associate Account Manager Ryan McGrath lends his four years of public relations and marketing strategy experience to AIMCLEAR. With client experience including Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, Ryan will help AIMCLEAR light a fire under the integrated marketing communications campaigns in both the public and private sectors. Not one to limit himself, Ryan has worked with industries including manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods and technology industries. Aiming to mix in just the right amount of traditional and online public relations with online marketing, Ryan has what AIMCLEAR wants.

Duluth office

Finally, we introduce you to Quentin Oliver, a super-talented graphic designer with a knack for creating web design that will make your eyes pop! (If your eyes have never popped, you’ve probably never seen Quentin’s work.) With some noteworthy experience increasing brand awareness for small-to-medium sized businesses, Quentin has a way with developing new visual identities and designing user-friendly layouts for companies’ online visitors. An entrepreneur, Quentin used to freelance for his very own graphic design agency, Uniq Designs.

And there you have it! You’ve officially been introduced to AIMCLEAR‘s latest lot of smashing new employees. We’re thrilled to have them join us, but we’re not done filling out our roster. That’s right, we’re looking for even more super-talented folks to join us. Think you might be a good fit? Check out our job postings at AIMCLEAR!


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