April Showers Bring… More AIMCLEAR Speaking Gigs! #SMX Munich & #HeroConf

We’re nearing the middle of April, and sorry to say but Springtime has yet to arrive in Duluth, Minnesota. It’s been snowy-rainy-sleety-slushy pretty much round-the-clock, so we AIMCLEARians have to seek pleasure and excitement in other ways. One such method: Travel around the world speaking at well-regarded industry events!

Our 2013 Conference Speaking Adventure has already taken us to Israel, New York City, San Jose, Portland, Sydney, Toronto, and for sure several other places that escape the mind. This week (starting tomorrow!), AIMCLEAR‘s Merry Morud is back from down undah’, kicking it in Austin, Texas for this year’s #HeroConf, while  Manny Rivas is in Germany to speak at #SMX Munich.

Read on for a sneak peek at what they’ll be doing, and when (hint: soon!).

Tuesday, April 9 – 10:15 am (CST)

Merry-MorudA Friend of a Friend: PPC for Facebook
This cleverly named session, featuring speakers Merry Morud and Dennis Yu, will explore tips and tactics for rocking the Facebook Ads platform and all of its unique ad types – from Page Post Ads to Sponsored Stories. Get ready to explore the ever-expanding universe of social PPC with the pros who know it best.

#SMX Munich

Wednesday, April 10 – 4:00 pm (German Time!)

Tactics For YouTube Marketing Ninjas
mannyrivasManny will hit the stage on Day 2 at the Hilton Munich Park Hotel to speak on best practices and insider tactics for marketing video content on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. Saddle up for actionable social demographic techniques, advice for how to best leverage this powerful channel for real results, and optimization pointers to make the most of your content.

Tune in to the hashtags for these hot events for live-coverage straight from the scene. Until then, safe travels, y’all, and enjoy the show(s)!

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