Manny Rivas

Manny Rivas

Chief Marketing Officer

YouTube Ranking Factors: 15 Guerrilla Tactics

Understanding various social & algorithmic nodes is important, as users build up enough street-cred’ to hang with other pages in first string YouTube SERPs. Once a profile gains momentum and authority, results begin to appear. YouTube uses various metrics, known and black box, to establish ranking and authority of videos and channels. We recommend participation […]

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Tracking Results: YouTube Analytics Fundamentals

When posting videos on YouTube, there’s little more titillating than knowing (with analytic-certainty) that people are actually viewing them.  Watching the view-count crank definitely produces a delightful tingly feeling. When a video is tailored to a particular audience to reach a specified objective, measuring more granular demographic data about views and viewers can be incredibly […]

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SEO Blueprints: Preplan Sound Site Architecture

Don’t cut corners on your site’s foundation! Information architecture is an important part of a site’s performance and should be addressed from the very get-go of development. Many existing websites could benefit greatly if their content was only properly organized, labeled and prioritized. This SES Toronto session Information Architecture, Site Performance, Tuning and SEO offered […]

By on June 9th, 2009

Web Analytics Power! Turning Data into Dollars

Web analytics data provides an abundance of insight that can ultimately increase revenue for a company. The problem is many aren’t up to the task of deciphering the metrics to really understand making associated reports pay. Today’s  SES Toronto session titled “Analytics for Search: ROI, Engagement, Attribution, and More” was just loaded, with a great […]

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Evolution of SEO: A Decade of Perspective At SES

photo credit: RC_Fotos Welcome to SearchEngineStrategies Toronto 2009. Today we took a glance back a decade to 1999, when parties had a reputation to live up to and some families were preparing for an all out cataclysmic technological failure come the new year. For the most part, times were swell. Family Guy began its first […]

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Andrew Goodman: a Search Intellectual’s Path

SES Toronto is right around the corner and as such, we wanted an inside look as to what we can expect from this annual mainstay Canadian search marketing conference. (photo courtesy of RustyBrick) Conference chair Andrew Goodman was kind enough to answer a few questions about the upcoming SearchEngineStrategies event, as well as share regarding […]

By on May 28th, 2009

Tara Hunt Interview: True Community Marketing

SES Toronto Keynote speaker Tara Hunt is a lovely enigma–part rock star, part trailblazing thought leader and one hell of a Twitter addict (@missrogue). No matter what characteristics you ascribe to Tara, one thing is certain; she’s  been hailed as one of the most respected & savvy customer centric online community marketers this side of […]

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PPC Rockstars Podcast: AIMCLEAR & Colored Hats

If you missed Webmaster Radio April 13th. Here’s the PPC Rockstars podcast where PPC legend David Szetela interviewed our very own Marty Weintraub.

By on April 13th, 2009

SES New York 2009 AIMCLEAR Coverage Roundup

It was a great week out in the Big Apple attending sessions at SearchEngineStrategies New York 2009. Thanks to the whole Incisive crew for making us feel so welcome. Even though we’ll sure miss the Big Apple’s excitement, Matt, Peter, Marty and I are excited to be back in the Duluth shop. Here’s a quick […]

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