Breakfast in San Jose: The Promise of SES

SES-San-JoseI’m pleased to join fellow AIMCLEAR bloggers here at San Jose 2008. Our collective goal is to provide insight by way of coverage and personal experiences.

Also, welcome to our good friends from Portland and good morning AIMCLEAR Blog readers. We’ll be your eyes and ears over the next 4 days.

Since (even cool) blog posts about any event pale in comparison to actually experiencing the in-person power and passion, we’ll do our best to bring home the tone of this live search marketing conference. Truly, the promise of “somthing great” fills the air as attendees stream into the venue for dark roasted coffee and handshakes.

Search Marketing Conferences Rock
It’s great to attend these things. A chance meeting in the conference hall might score that hot business deal/new position that you were looking for. Certainly your attendance will help your brand become more prominent in the Search Marketing Community, as you meet and network with peers.

Be careful though, the parties are legendary. A photo of your drunken “revelry” might end up on prominent Facebook pages tagged with your name. (Isn’t it nice that I chose not to link out on the anchor text “drunken revelry.” It is, after all, AIMCLEAR Blog. 🙂

I’m done with a delightful hotel breakfast and off to register. Stay tuned…

Todd Mintz is the Director of Internet Marketing & Information Systems for S.R. Clarke Inc., a Real Estate Development and Residential / Commercial Construction Executive Search / Recruiting Firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA with offices nationwide.

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