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Reputation Management & Expunging Bad Results

The old reputation management adage is “want to know how to get 2, 2, 1 & 2389 blog links this week?” The answer (of course) is to accidentally injure people with your product.  Trust us, getting the ensuing horrible results pushed off search engine results pages (SERPs) will be much tougher than […]

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Reputation Management Crises? 8 Crucial Priorities

photo credit: Ok, so the proverbial cow-flap has hit the golden fan. Page 1 of Google-unpersonalized now sports damning rhetoric about you for searches related to brand and product categories. It could cost tens of millions in reputation damage. Take a deep breath, gather wits, drink some decaf’ and ride into town,  let’s get […]

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How to Build a Reputation Monitoring Dashboard

An essential aspect of any reputation management job, is monitoring the never-ending flow of content germane to our client. Most often the keyword monitoring “Big List” includes brand, products, C-level executive names, intent phrases and competitors’ keyword permutations. This post is a guerrilla tutorial for building a totally free reputation monitoring dashboard, suitable for personal/corporate […]

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Easy Research For Bad Guys To Hijack Reputations

SEOs know the risk. It’s easy for determined malevolent-users to destroy reputations using social media. The ability of a provocateur to mess with a  brand’s reputation by social media profile, used to involve a fairly labor intensive research process. No longer…Now a quick scan is available for free 🙂 . is a new tool […]

By on February 27th, 2009 2 Comments

PR Triage, 32 Million PPC Impressions, Less Than 4K

  Tune in to and hear yesterday’s interview. David Szetela and I described a reputation management crises we handled for a client together, that tallied 32 million targeted “emergency PR” Google pay per click impressions for less than 4K. We had a client with a bad “problem-word.” The nasty verbiage also existed in annoying […]

By on October 13th, 2008 3 Comments

Reputation Crises Management: 8 SEO Triage Tips

The “please can you help us” cold calls we receive from distraught business are increasing in frequency and frightfully similar. The frustrated caller explains that some former employee, customer or other provocateur has published damaging editorial content which indexes prominently in Google for direct brand and other important keyword searches. The results can be disastrous, […]

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