Online Display Ad Growth Eclipses Traditional Channels.

worldInternet display ad expenditures jumped 17% in quarter 1 while total advertising spending dropped. 2 major media research firm surveys reveal that online advertising is again the bright spot in an otherwise miserable advertising market.

As reported by CNN on Wednesday, TNS Media Intelligence research data indicates that online display advertising (excluding search) grew a whopping 16.7% to $2.7 billion for the first quarter of this year compared to last year. What’s striking is that overall advertising expenditures actually fell 0.7%. The big losers are traditional media categories with television and radio media-buys plummeting over 2% and newspaper ad revenue dropping almost 5%.

Wednesday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau in conjunction with Pricewaterhouse Coopers released data highlighting that online ad spending overall (including search) screamed out of the gates this year with a 26 % increase over last year totaling $4.9 billion.

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