Pamela McNeill & Her Gift of Thanksgiving Song

PamelaBackcover3It’s our privilege to share this Thanksgiving gift of song with our community. To download “Not giving Up” and “Miracles” right away, scroll straight to the bottom.

If there is justice my friend Pamela McNeill will experience fame and fortune to match years of critical acclaim for her music from media and fans.  The story of how her latest album, “Heartaches and Miracles,” came to be is truly the stuff of  Thanksgiving and inspiration.

Pamela’s credits range from stadium performances with Rick Astley and gigging London’s storied underground to writing movie soundtrack songs with Yanni…and lots in between. Well known by music industry insiders from New York to Nashville,  she effortlessly alternates velvet-sweet introspective ballads with kick-ass Janis Joplin-esque rock-out gravel-rants and anthems reminiscent of Grammy Winners.

“Pamela McNeill writes the kind of tunes the Dixie Chicks used to record before they got angry.” -Minneapolis Star Tribune

Suffice to say that McNeill is obviously the most mature artist in any room she graces with song.  She was kind enough to let us share 2 tracks from her new album  “Heartaches and Miracles” prior to releasing them for sale next week on iTunes & CDBaby.  We hope you enjoy the anecdotes and free music downloads.

In Winter 2009 the devastating sudden death of a dear friend blindsided McNeill. Though at the time her fourth album in a decade was fully written and recorded, she tabled that two-year project and looked to new songwriting for solace, perspective and catharsis.

Inspired by  raw sentiment and passion as these new songs “poured out,” Pamela told her husband, cult-legend record producer Dugan McNeill, “I need to do this record now…” and so she did. You see, Pamela McNeill is no stranger to digging deeper to overcome adversity. Like so many of our friends and loved ones, she had also survived a near-death illness.  Obviously the perspective of being alive herself whilst dear friends departed, stirred the artist.

The resulting album was released last week and the songs are simply stunning. “Heartaches and Miracles” is laced with lovely songs about overcoming adversity, gratitude, pain, loss, heartbreak, not giving up, and finding resolve embracing life’s inexorable journey.

The CD release concert at St. Cloud, Minnesota’s iconic underground-venue Pioneer Place Theater blew us away last week. Members of the audience stood swaying, holding hands, dancing and openly crying. Make no mistake; this music is not a bummer. Rather the songs are required-reading for any person of depth, pondering the profundity of our common human experience, journey and faith.  Bravo Pamela!

“McNeill’s signature country-rock vocals are at the forefront of this sparkling collection of well-crafted songs filled with pure, heartfelt lyrics and emotions. “Heartaches and Miracles” was worth the wait.” -St. Cloud Times, Nov. ‘09

Free MP3 Music Downloads
From the album “Heartaches and Miracles” on SweetHeart Records
Words & music by Pamela McNeill, Light Light Boom, ASCAP 2009

“Not Giving Up” Not Giving Up

“Miracle” Miracle

“I sat at the piano and “Not Giving Up” just poured out. In terms of fame and fortune and celebrity I realize I haven’t made it mainstream…but in that moment on that night I knew that I had everything I’d ever wanted.  I’m able to do what is in my heart…to truly live my life as a musician and artist.  And that alone is my success.

Writing these songs has made me stronger both as a singer and more importantly as a person.  Sometimes we are tossed outside of our dreams and into our lives. I am so thankful to be exactly where I am today.”  -Pamela McNeill

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