Psychographic Targeting Unhinged! The Zen Of “Whole Customer” Persona Modeling

Psychographic Targeting Unhinged: Related Occupations

Pilots & Flight Attendant Personalities
Professional and amateur pilots and crew are obviously travelers. The next segment includes several methods to identify these folks, from licensing and certification to instructors. Finger these road warriors with FB targeting. Note the many ways to slice up occupations into targetable inventory. Wow!

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LinkedIn occupation targeting gives up over 44,000 American pilots. Scale the targeting by finding all the pilots and flight attendants in LinkedIn. Don’t forget groups and the ability to target by magnanimous participation.

LI flight attendent groups

Straight-up occupation targeting is not the only way to identify pilots. They also read trade publications like newsletters and updates. Those attributes are easy to find in FB.

LinkedIn groups are awesome persona components. From the Society of Experimental Test Pilots to Professional Pilot Employment Search, these groups are golden opportunities for both LinkedIn PPC and conversational forays.

Target pilot training and publication searches in YouTube.


More Occupations Requiring Travel Personalities
Using job titles that include “regional,” “national,” “international” and “field,” it’s easy to find classic job titles in Facebook and LinkedIn that most likely require travel. They’ve got phones and phones run out of juice. Go get em’!


Inspectors, reporters and guides tend to travel for their jobs as well. These occupations fit the traveler persona.

Here’s LinkedIn inventory for similar occupations. We could target these job holders with LinkedIn Ads or find where they hang out in LI and infiltrate their communities. Start with job titles. Follow to groups. Map to and from other channels. That’s the heart of psychographics.

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