Psychographic Targeting Unhinged! The Zen Of “Whole Customer” Persona Modeling

Psychographic Targeting Unhinged: Clubs, Websites & Niche Personalities

Travel Loyalty Clubs Personalities

There are LinkedIn groups associated with these loyalty clubs and hospitality interests. They comprise both fans and employees. Chances are good that they travel and have cell phones. Bag em’ and tag em’.

There’s great YouTube inventory. That’s the heart of the psychographic-targeting jock: mapping master personas and personalities from channel to channel. Just look at the specificity.


Dear Hilton Grand Vacations, advertisers are buying your searches in YouTube and stealing your mojo!

Travel Sites & Engines Personalities

Any person interested in travel-booking engines, tourist guides and travel-centric media channels probably likes to travel.

There are a whopping 20 million + FB users who easily fit this criteria. Wow.


#Travel, #Travel Channel, travel, #Adventure travel, travel books, travel channel, travel consultant, best travel deals, travel daily news, luxe travel deals, travel deals, #Discovery Travel & Living Europe, sharing travel experiences, travel europe, travel experience, travel excellence, travel egypt, #Travel Guard, #Russian Travel Guide, thailand travel guide, panama travel group, philippines travel guide, travel guard, #Travel insurance, travel india, travel indochina, travel international, #Travelocity, #Travel journal, japan travel, #Kuoni Travel, travel tips network, #Sabre Travel Network, malaysian travel network, #Travel photography, travel philippines, #China Travel Service, #Travel Channel (UK), vietnam travel, travel vacations, #Travel Weekly




Personality inventory is often endlessly scalable, subject only to the creativity and wit of the psychographic research artist. How deep are you, marketers?


Niche Traveling Interest Personalities
From traveling Curacao to visiting the Gold Coast, niche travel interests abound.  Look to these interests for our travel persona.


traveling all over world, traveling buenos aires, traveling alaska, traveling aruba, traveling around, traveling, #Traveling (basketball), traveling different countries, traveling cancun, traveling country, traveling curacao, traveling when i get chance, traveling cooking, #Traveling carnival, traveling camping, traveling different places, traveling exploring new places, enjoy traveling, traveling exploring, traveling in europe, traveling eating, nature exploration traveling, traveling with my family, traveling with friends, traveling with family, fishing traveling, traveling for work, traveling with family friends, traveling with family friends or family travel, family traveling, greece traveling, traveling grand cayman, traveling geeks, traveling with my husband, hiking traveling, traveling in wisconsin, international traveling, traveling st kitts, like traveling, traveling lot, lots traveling, traveling with my wife, traveling meeting people, traveling mexico, traveling more, traveling missionary, meeting new people traveling, nice traveling, traveling seeing new places, traveling overseas, traveling peru, traveling photography, traveling places, traveling warm places, traveling reading, #Traveling team, traveling us, traveling puerto Vallarta, traveling world



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