Anatomy of an Integrated Marketing Job Description: Paid Marketing Account Services Manager

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AIMCLEAR is proud to be 4x reigning winner of  “Best Integrated Agency,” from the US Search Awards.  One essential strength when hired to work in a particular channel, is the agency’s keen awareness of that channel’s affect on others, and how everything works together to form the entirety of a marketing system. It’s common for AIMCLEAR to be retained to handle one aspect of the integrated stack, then expand to others for our team’s overarching effectiveness, and guile.

The integrated marketing space has evolved from essentially non-existent years ago to the required approach in most case studies.  AIMCLEAR took an integrated approach for many years before integrated was sexy. And, as a judge in the European and UK Search Awards for 6 years, This writer has observed hundreds case studies move from single-channel silos to almost universally integrated programs, cutting across paid, organic, search, social, PR, programmatic, retargeting, first/third party data, and a heaping portion of common sense.  We offer clients a powerful menu of compulsory integrated strategy and tactics to yield tasty marketing fruit. We challenge our team and clients to let go of siloed perceptions for the win.

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As such, we seek to hire marketers well-steeped in tendering unified strategies, each component fused to a desired outcome, comprising NEW best practices. If you’re applying for a job with us, you may find perspective regarding what we look for when we hire. This blog post highlights key areas in an active AIMCLEAR job posting, reading between the lines for what we look for in prospective integrated marketing teammates. The job description itself is in italics, and commentary in purple.

The Integrated Paid Account Services Manager acts as  North Star of our client’s success and works with some of the coolest clients in the world. Account Managers at AIMCLEAR are “in the trenches” and are comfortable getting their hands dirty in an account, presenting to clients and training colleagues. They know their channels inside and out, forwards and backwards, and love working with internal and client teams to produce phenomenal outcomes. If you’re looking for a job where you do not personally execute in-channel and are solely a strategist- keep looking. Sure, AIMCLEAR is rich in leaders. And, we have very experienced, powerful ops, data, and dev teammates. Still we are ALL doers, from CMO to Admin Team.

Our agency has plenty of clients for which we fully handle any number of the day-to-day marketing assignments from strategy through execution, data, and measurement.  Other clients retain us to advise their teams in execution, because of AIMCLEAR‘s perspective seeing so many diverse case studies- literally each week. Either way, be a doer. That’s how you stay current enough to advise the largest brands in the world to be better doers. And, keeping current in-channel yourself gives AIMCLEAR a cool flexibility in how we assign teams.

External facing, the Account Services Managers (ASM) are responsible for creation, development, management, and reporting of strategic initiatives across a variety of digital (and/or traditional) marketing channels. As central hub of communication and collaboration, ASM serves externally as day-to-day contact and critical interface with clients.  In this position, your job is to be a badass marketer, represent AIMCLEAR what we stand for, and have the ability to operate as a true leader with our clients. 

Internally, you’ll partner with client account team members to align initiatives with overall KPIs and with ad operations team on execution and reporting initiatives. Other primary responsibilities include analyzing and presenting results and recommendations to stakeholders on a regular basis, and working with design/development/content teams when included in channel strategies. Additional work duties including media budget planning and management, client relations, and cross-channel management.  AIMCLEAR is usually hired because clients know we have an edge, experience and perspective that transcends a generation of agencies (unlike AIMCLEAR) that were not able to keep up in their bloated mediocrity.  To face clients on our behalf means you are a special professional with chops, verve, style, a nuanced approach, and ability to be the mature person in the room.


  • Create and manage accounts/campaigns, operating from a deep knowledge of and passion for paid marketing. Yep, we look for raw intelligence, intensity, and years of experience running paid marketing in-channel.  Almost every channel, platform, community, network, etc. that ever gave marketers above-the-fold distribution for free, somehow attempted to monetize organic prominence. To be an integrated marketer, you must be strong at paid marketing. Note we did not say what channel – search, social, Google, Facebook, etc. That’s because you must be very experienced managing at at least a couple of channels, operational familiarity with several, and able to morph into quickly operating totally new channels with effectiveness. The kind of person we’ll hire can pick up any channel, given a reasonable amount of time. Be very talented. Be ready to evolve your skillset. 
  • Conduct integrated targeting research for campaigns to benefit clients’ marketing. Show us how your targeting has helped marketing projects make money. Do you understand developing nurture audiences and then closing the deal. Are you a filtered first party data rock star?
  • Adapt and create ad copy in collaboration with AIMCLEAR‘s creative team. We look for marketers skilled at sequencing creative system-wide, channel to channel, messages distributed in order until the lead or sale is accomplished. If a candidate is able to compose creative, that’s a plus. AIMCLEAR has two Creative Directors and a creative variable system which plays really well with this generation (and the next) of in-channel ad units that rotate creative snippets to find the winning combination.  Integrated creative is perhaps the most important variable in the marketing stack.
  • Establish integrated media strategies based on business goals and targets. Having great media buying ideas does not drive business goals by itself. You have to be able to document the strategy, coherently express it, and lead teams able to reach business objectives as a result.
  • Analyze campaign results and adjust advertising strategy and optimization tactics on a regular basis to achieve maximum efficiency for client investments. Lead testing initiatives within channels – ads, landing pages, devices, networks, audiences, targeting, program betas and 3rd party tool integration. Great integrated marketing requires testing, optimization, and rinse/repeat.  We look for teammates able to look between the lines of data and find obvious and hidden insights.
  • Manage clients’ budgets and keep campaigns within these budgets. You must be a responsible business person, willing to treat our clients’ money as if it is your own. Money management is a huge part of paid marketing.
  • Communicate with clients on a regular basis to discuss clients’ expectations/goals, provide consulting, and deliver reports. We gravitate toward candidates who are healthily proactive communicators, ready to lead our clients and internally. Effective, periodic communication is essential.
  • Communicate with team members to share knowledge and help solve problems. Internal communication is another type of customer service. It’s important for you to exist on a team, not the only one, supportive and supported by others.  If you’re a loner, power junky, or otherwise silo, AIMCLEAR may be a bit of a challenge for you because we are a gregarious, collaborative company. 
  • Responsible for defining and implementing channel-specific strategies that fit into a holistic performance vision on behalf of clients. Yep, you call the ball. We’re depending on you. Are you ready to lead?
  • Prioritize work, manage time effectively and serve as a multiplier by driving improvements to process and channel performance. You have to be self directed to work at AIMCLEAR, and able to determine what must be done first as a priority. You’re in charge of your own self when it comes to workflow, what client is on your plate next, and why.
  • Build rapport with channel and platform representatives within existing client portfolio or verticals. Demonstrate and share expertise in both media strategy and client services. Managing paid marketing campaigns means interacting with Google, Facebook, programatic platforms, and other channels. So, in a sense  you play a vendor-manager role that traverses some difficult situations when channels mess up.  Have the business savvy to represent AIMCLEAR.
  • Participate in cross-functional communication/planning and facilitate client-related initiatives with multidisciplinary  teams ensuring successful client outcomes and overall client satisfaction. Create and support the development and execution of account roadmaps and initiatives planning for integrated marketing campaigns. This bullet is part of the integrated pathos. If you’re managing paid, be ready to engage with and collaborate with organic search and social marketers, developers, PR, legal, agency owners, and others to plan integrated roadmaps in which you will play one or more roles.
  • Ability to mentor and develop Associate level Account Service Managers. We’re known for supporting the careers of numerous marketers who have become great. In this role, you’re expected to pass along what you know to the next generation of marketers. picture of aimclear office


  • Minimum 10 years of experience or unique-experience managing accounts for clients. It takes a lot of experience to face clients at AIMCLEAR. The occasional professional has been in such an advanced environment they transcend their years.  In such a case,  we’ll hire with less experience. If you don’t have 10 years, you need to prove to use you can perform as if you do have 10 years. You catching what we’re throwing down?
  • Experience with web analytics tools and ability to use analytics data to improve campaigns. Be analytical, quantitative, and have problem-solving skills. Be able to incorporate these  tools in your decision making and problem solving efforts. 
  • Experience with eCommerce, Lead Generation, B2B and B2C Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns. Paying homage to the integrated ethic here. Be multidimensional. 
  • Effective communicator responsible for leading segments of client calls and presentations. Have a proven track record of leadership. 
  • Able to proactively anticipate needs and follow directions with precision. We call this empathetic customer service, able to sense what’s coming next and solve problems before they happen. 
  • Proven track record of successful project management and multi-tasking skills as well as ability to hit and exceed deadlines. AIMCLEAR can be a high pressure environment, not suitable for everybody. Be able to roll with fast pace, unexpected changes, and able to turn on a dime.  
  • In-depth understanding of many facets of digital marketing and how to integrate channel-specific strategies into a holistic vision to empower client success. We don’t hire one-trick ponies. Have the breadth of digital marketing experience to see beyond the horizon. 
  • Solid foundation for Excel mastery with proven record of extracting insights and actionable item for clients. While we have all sorts of more advanced tools, sometimes we need to solve custom issues with Excel. You better be an Excel savant, ready to pilot usages for later automation in other dev tools. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication. Writing is one of the most important business skills for any profession. The ability to communicate intricacies with simple verbiage is one of the greatest assets we covet in our teammates. 

We hire marketers experienced in providing integrate strategies, each component fused to a desired outcome, comprising NEW best practices, and executing campaigns. If you’re applying for a job with us, we hope this post provided perspective regarding our hiring goals.

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