Back To The Future: True Facebook ROI In The Classic Subscription Model

Community Focus Analysis

This is an important part of the first metrics we’ve ever shown a client, that illustrate the value of Likes.

IG means the interest group. From chiropractors to cat fishing, it’s the count of your psychographic targeting bucket.

1st Degree friends means the hard count of those in the interest group.

2nd Degree Friends speaks to how many of THEIR friends are also in the interest group.

It’s easy to get this data from FB Ads UI, by turning the ad creation targeting tools to study only friends of your brand. Yep, we’re talking about first and second degree psychographic research on your OWN community. This might be traumatic for some brand because they’ve been building fans by bullshit methods for years.

Study how many users in your community are interested in conversion interest groups. You might be bummed out.

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